As you all know, SpermMania videos were removed due to DMCA claims, so we reverted to using popunder ads for the time being.

Nobody likes Ads and that’s a fact, we know it’s annoying for you (user) and we do not like it either, but there’s currently no other option to monetize the website and keep it running with all the videos online (we know there are some offline, we’re re-uploading but this takes time as there are videos that are a 1+ years old).

Currently we have 1 SINGLE PopUnder Ad for all visitors every 24h, this might change to more in the future. We won’t be enabling the AdBlock detector as of right now, so you can bypass the ads using an adblock if you’d like.

In case this month’s goal is met, we’ll be shutting down all Ads currently enabled with the exception of the VAST Ad (the one that plays before the video) as that’s our provider’s ad and it’s impossible to turn off.

I hope you can understand our situation. Every little bit helps more than you can imagine as we’re still not popular enough to get ad deals from networks and such.

Thank you for using our website, if there’s any video in specific you want added, please make sure to contact us using the Contact Us page.



$0 out of $50 for our monthly expenses.








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